6 wealth sigils Book of sigils for manifestation of money


6 wealth sigils Book of sigils- for the manifestation of money, wealth sigil, Business, and attraction of wealth. Personal gifts. Digital files.

Beautiful custom gift for anyone to increase their wealth and create money luck.
6 wealth sigils designed to attract wealth and money into your life.

1- Anything I touch turns to gold
2- Bring me wealth
3- I am successful in any business
4- I attract business
5- I am financially prosperous
6- I attract wealth

2 digital downloads in ZIP format, containing Six different sigils in color, and 8 in black and white.

Intention: To attract wealth and money into your life.

This Sigil is created using Chaos magick and is already magically charged to grow your wealth

Digital Download only. Files ready for printing.

As it is already magically charged, you can print the sigil and frame it to use as a picture in your home or office to attract and manifest the intent of the sigil.

You can also print it on a piece of paper and fold it and keep it in your wallet to attract the sigil intent.

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