Shape Matching and Color Learning Game

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Embrace the Excitement of Shape Matching and Color Learning: Download our Shape Matching and Color Learning Game printable digital file today and embark on a delightful learning journey with your little ones. Witness their excitement as they match shapes, enhance their cognitive abilities, and expand their understanding of colors. This versatile and engaging resource empowers toddlers to explore the captivating world of shapes and colors. Let the educational fun begin!

Engage your little ones in an exciting Shape Matching and Color Learning Game with our printable digital file. Designed to promote early learning and cognitive development, this interactive resource captivates toddlers while improving their shape matching skills and expanding their understanding of colors. Download the game now and unlock hours of educational fun!

Shape Matching and Color Learning Game for Toddlers:

Printable Digital File Discover our convenient and accessible Shape Matching and Color Learning Game, available as a printable digital file. With this resource, you can easily print the game materials at your convenience, providing a flexible and adaptable learning experience for your child.

Educational and Entertaining:

Enhancing Shape Matching and Color Recognition Introduce your toddlers to the fascinating world of shapes while expanding their knowledge of colors through this engaging activity. Our printable game features a variety of vibrant shapes, each associated with a specific color. Children match the shapes while learning to recognize and identify different colors, creating a fun and interactive learning experience.

Cognitive Development and Fine Motor Skills Improvement As your little ones immerse themselves in the matching activity, they develop essential cognitive abilities. Concentration, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills are stimulated, encouraging logical thinking and spatial reasoning. Manipulating and placing the shape cards also enhance their fine motor skills.

Customizable and Reusable:

Tailored Learning Experience Our printable digital file allows you to customize the game to suit your child’s needs and preferences. Print multiple copies for multiplayer sessions or create additional challenges as your toddler progresses. This adaptability ensures an engaging and personalized learning experience.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly:

Print, Reuse, and Save With our printable format, you save both money and resources. Instead of purchasing physical materials, easily print and reuse the game as many times as needed. Store the digital file for easy access whenever you want to revisit or share the game with others.

Shape Matching & Color Learning:

Interactive and Memorable Bonding Moments As you download our Shape Matching and Color Learning Game printable digital file, you gain a valuable resource that fosters interactive learning. Watch your toddlers immerse themselves in the vibrant shapes and colors, creating memorable bonding moments. This game provides valuable learning opportunities while strengthening the parent-child connection.

Color Sorting & color Matching Game, Toddler Busy Book Printable pages Kindergarten, Homeschool Preschool curriculum

Color Matching practice worksheets for toddlers, ages 3 to 4 years old, helps your child to recognize shapes.


This package includes 2 pdf pages, 1 activity sheet, and 1 cut-out sheet.


After your payment, you will receive instant downloading access to the purchased files which contain 2 PDF pages.

You will receive two size options to download:
►8.5”x11” regular US letter size
►A4 (210mm x 297 mm)

I recommend laminating pages for multiple uses. Cut-out pieces can be affixed with velcro dots (or tack-it or similar). Use a dry erase marker for written worksheets.

What you will need: printer, laminator, scissors, tack-it, or velcro dots.


Please note, that color may slightly vary due to different screen configurations.

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